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Our Vision

“ Kanchan capital is an investment company, we aim to provide excellent service. To Broaden and Diversify the scope of business to enable it to deliver long term sustainability and growth of both our community and our business family. ”

Our Mission

“ Our mission is to grow, provide the highest quality, consistent and diversified products, services and create value for our customers within the country and abroad not only in the field of gold & silver business but also in the food & groceries, agriculture, tourism and other economic, social and cultural sectors. ”

Our History

For generations we have been providing gold and silver ornaments with purity and excellence in design making your moments special under the well-known name of Kanchan Abhushan, Kanchan P.M Jewellers, Kris Kanchan Jewellery,  Buddhacharya Abhushan, Pancharatna Abhushan, Bajracharya Abhushan Centre, T.Kalika Gahanna Pasal and Krishna Man Bishal Man Sunchandi Pasal in Pokhara City. We have been pioneers in the course to maintain purity in the sector of gold and silver by being one of the first to introduce the latest technology to standardize and regulate the purity of the precious elements, providing you with the right value for your money.  To add a new paradigm to this legacy, we along with our group of pioneers in the business of gold and silver who have been providing the services based on the same belief as we do have come together as Kanchan Capital Pvt. Ltd established in 2076 B.S to extend our business to a newer horizon, creating more opportunities.

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